Sanitising user input 5/5 (1)

Some days you need to get user input from a bit of an HTML form that wasn’t really designed for it, in order to get a great UX. This means that the input get’s passed around through JS, AJAX, PHP and goodness only knows what before it turns up in the right place. How do … Read more

Varnish 4.0 4/5 (2)

Well I’ve taken the plunge and upgraded to Varnish 4.0 in front of this WP site. It’s early days to draw any firm conclusions, but I shall be monitoring the impact closely. ¬†If anything it seems to have slightly reduced my page load times (yay!) without¬†having to implement any of the “Special” VCL logic that … Read more

Fast website 5/5 (1)

Here’s a little page that shows the kind of all important page load times that the search engines rank so highly.   Very much work in progress especially on the mobile side, but it was certainly time for some dog food…… Rating

Freelancer for hire 5/5 (1)

Are your websites running slowly?

Are you not appearing in the search engines?

Do you have a hosting package sorted, but aren’t sure you are getting the best out of it?

Time to hire the expert…

Magento, WordPress, OpenCart, Linux, MySQL, PHP – I do them all.