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I have been working with IT in one way or another since learning BASIC and 8086 assembler aged 8.

My interest really took off when I experienced SunsOS 4.1.3, TCP-IP and the fledgling Internet in the very early 90s and the University of Brunel where I studied Engineering.

Having worked a lot of my career in large multi-national Enterprise I have vast experience of the challenges of scale and globalisation. My work at smaller Limiteds along with my current freelancing has taught me that closeness and personal touch that is so important to the small business.

There are many areas of IT in which I am proficient, an attempted summary follows:


Expert, Leading Edge

  • Linux – installation, security, performance tuning.
  • LAMP stack – performance tuning, security.
  • Cryptography – VPN, PKI, SSL.
  • Web services – Apache, Nginx.
  • Proxy services – Varnish, Squid, Nginx, Apache.
  • Page speed optimisation – GTMetrix scores, google page speed scores etc.
  • MySQL performance tuning, schema layout.
  • AWS hosting services, architecture, deployment, administration.
    • EC2, S3, SES, RDS, CloudFront, ElasticIP, AutoScale LoadBalancing, SNS, IAM …..
  • Identity Services
    • Authentication, OAuthV2, Active Directory, SSO, MFA, SAML, LDAP, Social Identity.
  • DNS.  Everything to do with DNS, including records related to anti spam techniques.
  • eMail services, routing, configuration, security, anti-spam.
  • Conceptual architectures.
  • Network analysis – wire level debugging.
  • Raspberry Pi.
  • Security cleanup and analysis.
  • Firewalls, Checkpoint, IPTables and others.


  • Coding in PHP, bash, javascript (including jQuery).
  • Windows Server administration and deployment.
  • WHM, cPanel, Plesk and other dashboards.
  • Hosting migration services.
  • Hosting frameworks: WordPress, Magento, Drupal.
  • Network design and debug, layers 2,3 and 7.
  • Proximity Marketing – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.


  • Coding in VBA
  • CSS
  • OS X
  • iOS
  • Social media integration


  • Coding in perl and C.
  • PGSql.
  • Stripe.
  • Twitter API integration.

I’m sure I’ve left some things out, so do feel free to ask.

Some things that I don’t do include

  • iOS / Android apps (yet).
  • Windows applications.
  • Heavy custom front end web design work.  I know css well, and can style pages for you, but I am not a  web designer.
  • SEO – yes I will solve your performance/pagespeed scores – but that’s as far as I go with SEO.