Backup to AWS S3 with s3cmd No rating results yet

Particularly since the introduction of Glacier, S3 from Amazon is quite attractive as an offsite backup offering (archive the backups to Glacier automatically after, say, a week with lifecycle management and your storage costs drop dramatically). Of course we still have to keep an eye on our data transfer costs. There are two possible candidates … Read more

Varnish 4.0 4/5 (2)

Well I’ve taken the plunge and upgraded to Varnish 4.0 in front of this WP site. It’s early days to draw any firm conclusions, but I shall be monitoring the impact closely.  If anything it seems to have slightly reduced my page load times (yay!) without having to implement any of the “Special” VCL logic that … Read more

Freelancer for hire 5/5 (1)

Are your websites running slowly?

Are you not appearing in the search engines?

Do you have a hosting package sorted, but aren’t sure you are getting the best out of it?

Time to hire the expert…

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